Abeja District

Abeja District

Abeja District is more than just a collection of buildings – it is the idea of coming together to create something beautiful. Abeja is the Spanish word for bee, and the goal at Abeja District is to function the way that bees and their hives do – to inspire and create a sense of community that will extend to everyone who lives there. The community will be diverse, full of life and buzzing with innovative, forward-thinking people. When you live in an urban epicentre like this one, you really are living la dulce vida.


    Project Name: Abeja District
    Builders: Cortel Group
    Approx Occupancy Date: September 2022
    Maintenance: $0.60/SqFt
    Address: 2901 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L4K 5P1
    Building Size: 824 units in 30, 25 & 26 storeys




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